Family Health

Family Health


At Central Health Alliance we believe that getting to know a family lets us provide the highest quality of health care. Our aim is to provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing care for the individual in the context of the family and the community.

We provide comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and parts of the body with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.

Services provided by our team include:

  • Annual medicals for those over 75
  • Wound management and dressings
  • Annual assessments for all age groups
  • 45-49-year-old health checks
  • Preventative health screening by age groups including bowel cancer screening, mammograms, bone density etc.
  • Blood pressure assessment and monitoring
  • Cholesterol and blood glucose level assessment and education
  • Weight reduction and healthy eating advice
  • Fitness and exercise advice&lt
  • Assistance with stopping smoking
  • Advice on safe alcohol consumption advice
  • Antenatal and pregnancy support, education and shared care
  • Adolescent health checks
  • Childhood and adult immunisations in accordance with the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule
  • Healthy Kids Checks
  • Growth and development milestones assessments

* Please see further services as listed in the Men’s and Women’s health sections