Aviation Medicine

Aviation Medicine

In order to use a Flight Crew License or Air Traffic Service License, it is necessary to have a medical clearance at a standard appropriate to the license held. Within Australia, designated medical practitioners perform the necessary medical examinations for the Aviation Medicine Section of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Dr Paul Burford was a SQNLDR in the RAAF, holds a Masters in Aerospace Medicine, and is a CASA Designated Aviation Medicine Examiner (DAME). His scope of practice not only includes Pilots, Air Crew and Air Traffic Controllers but also management of the health of ground crew and engineers and how this may impact on Aviation Safety.

DAME duties include:

  • personally examining applicants requiring medical certification
  • discussing the applicant’s medical history and medical record during the course of the medical examination
  • referring applicants for follow-up testing when required
  • sending relevant information to CASA within a reasonable period of time (usually not more than 14 days after the examination)
  • responding to questions from applicants about their illness/medical conditions
  • issuing certificates for fitness to return to flying
CASA Designated Aviation Medicine Examiners (DAME) must also:
  • undertake appropriate aviation medicine Continual Medical Education (CME), including by reading the DAME Newsletter and all correspondence from the Office of Aviation Medicine
  • abide by the AMA code of conduct
  • keep CASA informed regarding changes to contact details

Appointments can be made with Dr Paul Burford by contacting reception by phone: 0459 354 079